State Flag Display

One of our members is a avid collector of vintage flags.  The member is going to display various vintage state and other flags at the HFMVA base over the course of the next few weeks.

The flag which will be on display this week (8-25-11) will be that of Maryland which was one of the original thirteen colonies gaining statehood in 1788.

Meaning: The flag is sectioned into four quarters. The top left and bottom right are the same and the top right and the bottom left quarters are also the same. The flag features the arms of two English families, the Calvert family and the Crossland family. The black and gold arms represent the Calverts and the red and white arms represent the Crosslands.

A gold and black flag was used by the colony, until the American revolutionary war. During the American Civil War, Maryland remained with the Union (North) however, many of the citizens sympathized with the Confederacy (South). These sympathizers supported the south by wearing red and white emblems. Maryland soldiers fighting with the south also wore the emblems to identify their state of origin.

By the end of the war both sets of colors (black and gold, red and white) had become associated with Maryland. In 1880, a flag containing both sets of colors was first flown. It was not until March 9, 1904 that the flag was adopted.

The flag will be on display throughout this week starting this evening. Feel free to stop by sometime and take a look.

Mendon Station Festival

Its that time of year when the Mendon Station Festival rolls once again into the hamlet of Mendon.  Come join us in the Mendon Station Park between routes 64 & 251 in the hamlet of Mendon on September 10th and 11th.  The HFMVA Board of Directors is going to hold a raffle for some great prizes graciously donated by local vendors.   Please stop by and grab a raffle ticket, come meet our crews, take a tour of the ambulance, and see what HFMVA does on a daily basis.  If you have been thinking of joining us please stop by and our members will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you!

The Festival on the Green in Honeoye Falls was a great success for our fundraiser! Thank you to all who entered the raffle. We hope you enjoy your prizes.

Save the Date

Now that we are well into the spring and summer season there are many events that are upcoming in our community, here are a few that HFMVA will be attending:

Memorial Day Parade

Peter Cannon Memorial – May 20th

Movies in the Park (Friday nights during the summer)

Festival on the Green (June 18 and 19)

Rush Carnival (July 7th through 9th )

Mendon Carnival June 2-4 (parade at 6:30 on Sat)

Relay for Life (June 11th)

We will be out at these events with our members and equipment.  Please stop by for a tour of our equipment and meet and talk with our members, ask about our duties in the local community or ask on becoming a member of HFMVA.

We hope to see you there!

Community Candlelight Vigil

On April 13th the Honeoye Falls community held a candlelight vigil for Kade O’Brien.  Kade was a Marine and a member of the Honeoye Falls community.  HFMVA was greatly impacted by this tragic accident and many members who knew Kade and are members of his  family.  Many officers and members came out to show our support for the family and community that has been affected by this horrible tragedy.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from HFMVA from our family to yours. May you also have a safe and healthy 2011.

Mendon Station Festival

September 11-12

Hope this was a great and safe summer. As the summer comes to an end we now are approaching the Mendon Station Festival. HFMVA will have a booth at the festival on both days (September 11 & 12). Come and visit to meet our members, take a tour of the ambulance, and see what we do on a daily basis to help our community . If you have ever had a question on joining or what we do this is a great opportunity to ask and experience first hand. Hope to see you there!

Whats that number?

This is a re-posting of an older post but is still is always something to keep in mind:

While running errands or searching for a store or business, have you ever been frustrated by how tough it can sometimes be to locate a particular address? HFMVA’s ambulance crews certainly have – and in our line of work, finding a difficult address quickly can have a big effect on patient outcome.

Looking at the homes and businesses in our area, it’s surprising how frequently their street numbers are impossibly small, nearly unreadable – or just plain absent. Have you ever looked at your own home’s numbers? Are they clearly visible from the road, at least 3-inches high and not hidden by trees or landscaping?

Consider the perspective of the medic or driver who may someday respond to a 911 call at your home: They’ve just jumped out of bed in the middle of the night, they’re mentally reviewing their protocols and preparing for your situation, they may be collecting equipment or supplies, the weather could be doing its best to make visibility poor – and to top it off mail box numbers are too small to read! In cases like this, the ambulance might have to turn around (no small feat on narrow roads in bad weather) more than once before the crew finds their destination.

Please take a few minutes to check the numbering on your house or mailbox, and make sure it’s large enough and visible enough from the road for our crews to find you!

The Festival on the Green

This weekend is the Festival on the Green and the Honeoye Falls FD 125th anniversary parade.  Come and visit us to meet and greet out members as we will be having a booth at the festival.  If you ever were curious about EMS and possibly volunteering this is a great opportunity to see us up close and ask questions.

We will also be holding a 50/50 raffle at our booth.  Come out and help support your local ambulance and you could win too!

The parade is on Saturday June 19th at 6pm.  Enjoy the festivities and we hope to see you there!

For more info please see

ADA Tour De Cure 2010

About 1400 riders and 250 volunteers were present Sunday June 13th for the American Diabetes Association 2010 Tour De Cure.  It was a rough start as the mist and rain would not give in to the sunshine but by the time most riders returned to Stewart lodge it was clear but cloudy.   The energy and determination of the riders and the volunteers was nothing but amazing despite the conditions.

Here are some photos from the event:

2010 tour de cure2010 tour de cure

2010 tour de cure2010 tour de cure