State Flag Display

One of our members is a avid collector of vintage flags.  The member is going to display various vintage state and other flags at the HFMVA base over the course of the next few weeks.

The flag which will be on display this week (8-25-11) will be that of Maryland which was one of the original thirteen colonies gaining statehood in 1788.

Meaning: The flag is sectioned into four quarters. The top left and bottom right are the same and the top right and the bottom left quarters are also the same. The flag features the arms of two English families, the Calvert family and the Crossland family. The black and gold arms represent the Calverts and the red and white arms represent the Crosslands.

A gold and black flag was used by the colony, until the American revolutionary war. During the American Civil War, Maryland remained with the Union (North) however, many of the citizens sympathized with the Confederacy (South). These sympathizers supported the south by wearing red and white emblems. Maryland soldiers fighting with the south also wore the emblems to identify their state of origin.

By the end of the war both sets of colors (black and gold, red and white) had become associated with Maryland. In 1880, a flag containing both sets of colors was first flown. It was not until March 9, 1904 that the flag was adopted.

The flag will be on display throughout this week starting this evening. Feel free to stop by sometime and take a look.

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